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BJP Will Send Indian Army to Pakistan

April 14, 2009 Leave a comment

No, it is not about going to war against Pakistan. It is about sending troops over there to fight terrorists… if Pakistan allows it. Or, if “global community” sanctions it.

A PTI report on Rediff quotes the BJP President Rajnath Singh on the issue:

“If voted to power, the BJP government will ask Pakistan if it needs the support of the Indian army to crush terrorism. If Islamabad is agreeable, it is all right. If not, our government will approach the global community for its endorsement to send the Indian army to Pakistan,” he told an election meeting at Airu village in Bihar. [Rediff]

Although the article doesn’t say so, I have a feeling that BJP will also do the following, if voted to power:

  • Provide H-1B visas to all Indians, if USA is agreeable.
  • Install teleporters all across the country, if Science is agreeable.
  • Declare Jesus as a bonus avatar of Vishnu, if Christianity is agreeable.

What other things do you think the BJP could do, if voted to power?

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Breaking News: Chicken Crosses Road!

March 25, 2009 1 comment

[Inspired by the INI version of the story, and Patrix‘s comment on it]

Some Political Reactions

Indian National Congress: The chicken crossed the road to sign the nuclear deal despite all attempts to stop it. It is a great day for India and her chickens.

Bharatiya Janata Party: The chicken crossed the smooth, 4-lane road that was built when we were in power, and Congress has done nothing to improve it. Our IT vision will put every chicken on the information super-highway.

L. K. Advani (on twitter): The chkn Xed the road. LOL.

Varun Gandhi: I will cut that Son of a Hen down if he puts even a toe inside a Hindu’s home. Have you seen their names.. Murg Mussalam.. Scary!

Mayawati: The chicken crossed the road to join BSP. Millions more will follow.

Sonia Gandhi: If elected, I will not eat chicken curry.

Pramod Muthalik: Did you see that? The chicks are now crossing the road on their own! And not wearing anything at all! Indian culture is doomed.

Communist Parties: When we come to power, we will send that capitalist chicken back to where it came from – America. Such unilateral crossings by imperialist powers will not be tolerated.

Some Not-so-political Reactions

Ratan Tata: Did you see how unsafe that was? Soon, the chicken would be able to drive a Nano and cross the road safely.

BCCI: We are shifting the chicken to South Africa; roads are better over there.

Feel free to add your own.

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Whoa, Varun!

March 18, 2009 4 comments

Varun Gandhi, we hardly knew ye. What’s going on? You need to do some Super Brain Yoga (video link).

But seriously, I agree with Retributions regarding what the BJP needs to do now:

If the charges against junior Gandhi are proven, then BJP should have no hesitation in dropping him from its candidate list. After all, even BJP leaders have  strongly condemned his remarks. Surely, they should have no problems in taking the next logical step.

In recent days, BJP has been repeatedly embarrassed by people who claim they owe allegiance to the same ideology. In each such case, BJP has claimed that it has no association with such people. Well, that may be true. But in this particular case, Varun Gandhi is the official candidate of the party. By dropping him, BJP will prove its detractors wrong who claim that while  the party condemns the likes of Muthalik, it tacitly endorses them. [Retributions]

The only minor correction I would make is that this hot potato should be dropped without waiting for charges to be proven. The video evidence looks rather solid (search YouTube for plenty of copies). By taking action now, the Party can claim the moral high ground and then take other parties to task over their shortcomings. Waiting for proof is a good thing for the legal system, not for political parties fighting a PR battle.

This other observation, also on INI platform, by Offstumped is beyond my understanding:

It should not baffle anyone that Varun Gandhi should play the victimhood card in an election, after all playing victim has been the trademark of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty in soliciting votes starting with Indira Gandhi’s victimhood to Sonia Gandhi’s second sacrifice. [Offstumped]

Uh, what? That doesn’t make sense at all. The kind of victimhood card Varun Gandhi was caught playing is actually the trademark of the extreme Right (read: some sections of BJP) in India.

Unlike Offstumped, I don’t find it “heartening to note that both Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi and Shahnawaz Hussain have been fielded to disown Varun Gandhi’s remarks” either. If the BJP thinks that Muslims will only listen to Muslim leaders, how is it any different from the rest of the political parties? Fielding Muslim members of the party to defend it against charges of being anti-Muslim is actually quite communal in itself, and puts the party right where it doesn’t want to be – in the company of other communal parties. It might just be the street-smart thing to do, but surely it is not something “heartening”!

The issue should have been clarified either at the level of the projected Parliamentary leader, or at the level of the Party President, and action taken at the earliest without waiting for Election Commission’s decision. It could still be win-win for BJP if action is taken now.

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