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The Unintelligence Bureau

I got two links from twitteretributions on Intelligence Bureau reports pertaining to Lok Sabha elections. One is from 2004, and the other is about the current elections. Take a look:

The India Shining campaign is poised to contribute substantially to the Bharatiya Janata Party’s tally in the coming general election, according to the Intelligence Bureau.

A top IB official told rediff.com that the findings were the result of fieldwork by IB agents throughout the country during the last four weeks. It submitted its report to the central government on Monday.

The reports indicates that the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance coalition could win 275 to 300 Lok Sabha seats. The Congress may have to be satisfied with 115 seats. [Rediff]

Now, that didn’t work out so well. Did it, IB?

The Manmohan Singh-led Congress government will return to power, says an Intelligence Bureau report.

The secret report which was collected maintaining much independence indicates the Congress will get 160-180 seats. A top official, who was part of the data collection, said Dr Manmohan Singh would take over as the prime minister again. [Rediff]

Lets wait and see how this one works out.

One common thing between the two reports, apart from the fact that both predicted a victory for the ruling coalition (i.e. paymasters/bosses), is how vehemently the opposition cries foul (and then turns around and does the exact same thing when in power).

But the Congress party is clearly unimpressed by the IB assessment. “There are three stories quoting IB sources in circulation. This is an old game of quoting the IB as source and it has now become redundant. This is yet another attempt to spread the message of ‘feel good’ factor being unleashed on this country,” All India Congress Committee media secretary Tom Vadakkan told rediff.com [Rediff]

But the BJP rejects the IB report. Says its leader SS Ahluwalia, “Dr Singh and his family have been planting stories in the media. You do not expect the Congress and an organization like IB to give results otherwise. [Rediff]

I am not sure why IB even bothers (may be it doesn’t, hence the shoddy predictions), or why the political parties bother either. It’s not as if it leads to any actionable intelligence for the politicians. The propaganda value is also negligible.

Meanwhile, such politicization of what is supposed to be an independent intelligence agency continues to divert resources from real priorities (terrorism, drugs, organized crime and countless other issues) on one hand, and leads to a general dumbing down of the agency on the other (as political affiliation is rewarded over performance).

And the media, rather than pointing out the gross misuse of taxpayers’ money, continues to gloat about how much insider access they have. Nothing to be proud of, but so it goes.

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