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Fake IPL Player Blog

Apparently, a player/official from Kolkata Knight Riders is writing a blog (Fake IPL Player) with loads of insider gossip etc. Sample:

Before the skipper went out to toss, I had a first-hand experience of what made Lordie such an accomplished captain during his time. He took over the match briefing, and boy, was he charged up or what. He just let loose, telling the boys what is expected of them, telling them that they are part of the best team in IPL and they need to stand up and be counted. (I must tell you that I stood up right at that moment, but I don’t think the counting was on then). And he has balls too. Imagine the slowest member of the team chastising guys twice as fast on matters such as agility, speed and throwing. [Fake IPL Player]

Quite naturally, word “leaked” and now this blog is all the rage (I got tipped off a couple of days ago by a good friend on Facebook). The hunt to find this “traitor” is on.

In my opinion, it is unlikely to be a player. If only because only a complete fool would risk his career with such a move (and continue even as the powers-that-be are looking for him). Remember Fake Steve Jobs? Yeah, that one turned out to be a journalist. I am guessing that this is also a journalist, who perhaps has some insider access (family member even).

In case you feel like following the blog, use this handy guide to all the code names used by the Fake IPL Player (Lordie = Saurav Ganguly, Big Sister = Shilpa Shetty, and Little Monster = Sachin Tendulkar, for example).

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