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Word of the Day: Moasting

It combines moaning and boasting. Yeah, imagine that.

From Tom Hodgkinson’s book The Idle Parent, excerpted at Slate:

What we so often observe in the old-fashioned cultures is a stoical attitude to life, an inspiring lack of self-pity. What you get in rich societies, by contrast, is a hell of a lot of moaning. My friend John Lloyd, the producer of such TV shows as Blackadder and Spitting Image, has observed a phenomenon at dinner parties which he calls “moasting,” an unpleasant combination of moaning and boasting. Complaining about the chalet girl in Gstaad, or about poor treatment at the hands of Virgin Upper Class, or how the Eton English master is not up to scratch. To bring two unpleasant phenomena into one intensely awful new form of whinge takes a particularly British form of negative genius. [Slate]

Tangentially Related Reading: The Wail of the 1% by Gabriel Sherman (and Chris Lehman’s brilliant response Rich People Things)

Update (Apr 23, 2009): Also read Confessions of a TARP Wife.

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    Tɦis post is priceless. Whегe can I find outt mօгe?

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