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Colbert Endorses Tharoor

Stephen Colbert endorsed Shashi Tharoor (and Slumdog Millionaire) a few days ago.

There is such a thing as Colbert Bump (a more serious examination of the phenomenon – pdf link). And Shashi Tharoor, a “friend of the show” as Colbert put it, has made a couple of appearances on the Colbert Report. However, the idea of there being any impact of Colbert’s endorsement on Indian elections is rather funny (which is what it was meant to be, I guess).

But it is good to see influential people like Stephen Colbert paying attention to Indian elections. Both Colbert and Jon Stewart have had some commentary on Indian elections (including in the segment with Indians being crowned as the next overlords of Americans). Given the kind of influence these two have on the American political discourse, it is useful to have them “cover” India regularly, even if it is a bit superficial.

The more obvious Colbert/Stewart bump might be that they would expose more Americans to non-stereotypical discussions about India. That can only be good.

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